Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sarah Palin to Deliver Keynote Speech

Of all of the speakers at the first Tea Party convention, it is unlikely that any will garner us much mainstream media attention. Sarah Palin is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech of the convention Saturday night to a crowd that is sure to adore just about anything that comes out of her mouth, as her appeal to fly-over-state indignation seems to know no bounds. While much of the mainstream media, news commentators and general public seems seriously befuddle by Sarah Palin's continued appeal to a certain segment of the population every since she was nominated to the GOP Vice Presidential ticket in 2008, there is no arguing is no getting around the fact that there are people out there who want to hear what she has to say. As far as having a clue as to what she just said, that's another story.

Other than self-righteous indignation and a call to "take this country back," few outside of the Tea Party have a clear understanding of what exactly it is that the movement wants other than furthering the partisan divide to the point of caricature. As such, Palin seems to be the ideal representative of the Tea Party movement. To Tea Partiers, she seems to represent a much needed voice to a public that must feel left behind by a society that is, well, trying to leave the behind. To the rest of us, Palin's rhetoric seems to contain neither form nor content, much like the Tea Party movement itself.

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