Sunday, February 7, 2010

UFC 109: Randy Couture Chokes Coleman for the Title

49 year-old UFC hall of fame fighter Randy "The Natural" Couture ended the main event of UFC just into the second round of their light-heavyweight tonight with a rear-naked choke hold that rendered Mark "The Hammer" Coleman unconscious. Couture, who was one of the Ultimate Fighting Championship's most well known fighters at the turn of century, has not had a single submission win since the summer of 2005.

MMA insiders and fans alike expected most of the fight to take place off the floor, as both Couture and Coleman are fighters who like to stay on their feet. Coleman, 45, was rated as a slight underdog with sports bookies due to Couture's experience with boxing skills. The first round of the fight went even worse than expected for Coleman, with Couture dominating him in the ring and getting in a number of punches until he had Coleman against the cage and delivered the pain until the end of the round. In round two, Couture took Coleman to the mat and soon brought the match to a close with a choke.

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